Glenn Yanovak

Glenn Yanovak

Mount Arlington, New Jersey

Glenn Yanovak was born and raised in Morris County, New Jersey. After attending and graduating Morris Knolls High School, Mr. Yanovak went on to earn a degree in Criminal Justice at the County College of Morris. Glenn Yanovak followed in his father’s footsteps – a career officer with over 30-years of experience in a neighboring town – and at the age of 24 was hired by the Hanover TWP. Police Department as a dispatcher. 

Due to Mr. Yanovak’s outstanding work ethic and attention to detail, he excelled at the Hanover TWP Police Department and was later promoted as a full-time patrolman in January of 1993. Mr. Yanovak served his town as a community policing, crime prevention, and neighborhood watch officer from 1993-2007. During this time, he led in the teaching of 1st to 3rd graders on the importance if pedestrian, school bus, and bicycle safety. 

In addition to 1st and 3rd grade students, Glenn Yanovak also lectured the local High School students and faculty about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. Mr. Yanovak was also a frequent guest at the High School law classes where he made himself available for question and answering sessions as to the current laws and trends in crime.

Glenn Yanovak Headshot

Detective Career & Awards

In 2007, Glenn Yanovak earned the rank of Detective with the Hanover Twp. Police department.  He also served one year with the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office Special Enforcement Unit where he would work on major cases throughout Morris County and Northern New Jersey. As a Detective with the Hanover Police Department he handled several high-profile investigations. He is known throughout the Morris County law enforcement community for his innate ability to handle multiple cases at once, without sacrificing the quality of work provided. Mr. Yanovak served the PBA of Hanover for 11 years, where he worked his way up from the recording secretary to the President of the PBA. Mr. Yanovak is proud to say he served as President for PBA of Hanover for six years from 2011-2017. 

Mr. Yanovak has received several awards throughout his illustrious law enforcement career including a recognition by Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (M.A.D.D.) for his productivity while leading the Hanover Twp. in drunk driving arrests from 1999 – 2005. Glenn Yanovak has also received a Letter of Recognition from the Butler Police Chief for his outstanding work on burglary investigations in 2017. 

Glenn Yanovak Real Estate Agent

Real Estate & Private Investigator Career

In 2006, Glenn Yanovak obtained his Realtor’s License and worked as a real estate agent for Weichert Realty. During this time, Mr. Yanovak surpassed all expectations and quickly became a prominent agent in New Jersey. 

In 2017, Mr. Yanovak switched his law enforcement focus to the private side of the industry, where he works as a Senior Private Investigator for Creative Solutions Investigations throughout New Jersey. In this role, he is responsible for managing civil investigations of disability claims, employment non-compete agreements, employee work activities, cohabitation, and personal injury claims. Glenn Yanovak is often required to testify as to the findings of his investigations.